Business Process Management Software Pricing

Business Process Management Software Pricing

CMW Lab offers a flexible subscription-based pricing model that makes the industry’s most powerful process management, automation, and optimization technology affordable for every business, regardless of its size and complexity of the implementation.

User License Options

CMW Lab offers a wide range of user licenses and is open for collaboration with customers, so that their businesses can get the tools they need, under strict budget requirements.

We introduced three licence types to cover the majority of customers' licensing requirements. Contact our experts to discuss your needs and choose the best fit licensing for you.

  • Named Licenses
    Each user gets their own login and password and they can securely access the software from any device. Named license allows an employee to log in, to submit requests, complete tasks, run reports. Administrators can easily control who has access to what.
  • Requestor Licenses
    Each software license is assigned to one person, along with a login and password. Meanwhile the requestor license allows for request submission and request status check.
  • Concurrent Users
    Software licenses are still assigned to specific persons and users can share licenses, managed by your admin. Total number of individuals using the software at a given time should not exceed the total number of licenses available.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) vs. License Cost

When choosing a process management software it is crucial to make sure that you keep your costs comparison objective. In addition to the price of licenses, it is worth taking into account the total cost of ownership, which includes both licencing cost and all possible future costs of support, updates, additional features, scaling and functionality adjustments.

CMW Lab’s process management software TCO:

CMW Lab offers an all access platform, so unlike other companies there are no hidden fees to access different modules your business may need to utilize. With CMW Lab you get it all.

Implementation Scenarios

Our team of experts have completed hundreds of process automation projects and each project requires different implementation approaches. What is good for one department automation may not work for another department. Here are the three most popular implementation scenarios to ensure your process management projects get implemented as soon as possible regardless of your business size.


Your in-house business analysts build processes, get them running and maintain them. The most popular scenario for digitizing simple processes in small and medium-sized businesses.


The CMW Lab team delivers consultancy services, helps you with building complex processes and forms, implementing specific business rules and integrations. The ideal scenario for those looking for a quick effect from process automation.

Count on partner

Added-value partner gets responsible for process app development, its implementation and further maintenance. Recommended scenario for those with a wide project’s scope and further digital transformation in mind.

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Year after year, customer feedback and high rating from leading experts bring prestigious awards to CMW Lab products.
With a score of 9.2 out of 10 from and over 70 verified reviews from users, CMW Lab’s product is recognized by the TrustRadius community as a leader among Workflow Management Software.
CMW Lab's product got high ratings from its users for customer satisfaction, resulting in it being recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in both workflow and business process management categories.
CMW Lab wins Graphie Award for the most innovative enterprise graphing application.
CMW Lab’s product was honored with Best Value 2018 award in workflow tools ranking, according to a weighted average of real user feedback.
Insights Success experts mention CMW Lab among the Top 10 Best Business Process Management (BPM) Vendors.
CIO Applications magazine includes CMW Lab’s product to the list of the Top 25 solutions for successful digital transformation.
CMW Lab listed among the Top 20 Most Promising BPM Software Vendors by CIO Review.
CMW Lab was honored with #1 position in BPM Platforms ranking, presented by Gartner and based on real users feedback.
CMW Lab was named a leader on the Winter 2022 Grid® Report for Business Process Management by receiving positive reviews from verified users compared to similar products in the BPM category.