About CMW Lab

About CMW Lab

CMW Lab is a global enterprise software company delivering innovative Business Operations Management solutions enabling performance and efficiency optimization.

Why CMW Lab?

10 years

on the market
since 2010


positive feedback
at Gartner Peer Insights


US and international

At CMW Lab we aim to become a trusted partner for our clients by working with both Business and IT and unlocking company potential through a holistic approach to digital business transformation.

Leveraging our comprehensive suite of solutions for management of any kind of enterprise data and operations, fully supported by our consulting, integration and implementation services and ready to be deployed both on-premise and in Cloud, CMW Lab truly enhances individual, team and corporate performance and ultimately ensures our customers’ success.

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Year after year, customer feedback and high rating from leading experts bring prestigious awards to CMW Lab products.
With a score of 9.2 out of 10 from and over 70 verified reviews from users, CMW Lab’s product is recognized by the TrustRadius community as a leader among Workflow Management Software.
CMW Lab's product got high ratings from its users for customer satisfaction, resulting in it being recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in both workflow and business process management categories.
CMW Lab wins Graphie Award for the most innovative enterprise graphing application.
CMW Lab’s product was honored with Best Value 2018 award in workflow tools ranking, according to a weighted average of real user feedback.
Insights Success experts mention CMW Lab among the Top 10 Best Business Process Management (BPM) Vendors.
CIO Applications magazine includes CMW Lab’s product to the list of the Top 25 solutions for successful digital transformation.
CMW Lab listed among the Top 20 Most Promising BPM Software Vendors by CIO Review.
CMW Lab was honored with #1 position in BPM Platforms ranking, presented by Gartner and based on real users feedback.
CMW Lab was named a leader on the Winter 2022 Grid® Report for Business Process Management by receiving positive reviews from verified users compared to similar products in the BPM category.

Other Awards and Testimonials

Our Vision

To succeed in a highly competitive and interconnected global environment, businesses need to stay on top of their operational efficiencies and deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

With software proved to be the key business enabler, today this calls for top-down rethinking of enterprise digital strategy and undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation.

To enable this transformation, CMW Lab provides a workflow management product comprised of next-generation out-of-the-box components sharing a fully open and scalable foundation and a complete set of consulting and implementation services ensuring a comprehensive and digital-driven approach to corporate performance maximization.

How We Came Where We Are

CMW Lab story started >10 years ago when we got together to unlock hidden potential in every customer’s business.

We enable business people to build process-driven applications on their own, minimizing or eliminating any dependency on IT staff, to help businesses pursue their giant goals, solve their hottest challenges, and succeed in ever changing world.

Over the years, we have invented new technologies, our product has grown in sophistication and advantages. Now we provide our product and essential services to many of the world’s most critical organizations, from local businesses and universities, to corporations and state agencies. The world will continue to change. Our technology will evolve and help our customers face the future and succeed.

Change the way you manage your business today!

Proven Technology Leadership and Patented Know-how
10,437,804 10,437,804.
Storing graph data representing workflow management
System and method for data search in a graph database
9,565,246 9,565,246.
System and method for project and process management by synchronizing custom objects between an application and external server
9,213,698 9,213,698.
Unified data architecture for business process management and data modeling
9,189,509 9,189,509.
Storing graph data representing workflow management
8,725,821 8,725,821.
System and method for project and process management by synchronizing custom objects between MS Outlook and external server

For more information about CMW Lab patents and technologies, please, drop us a line.

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